Saturday, 14 November 2015

Curl up and dye: Roller Lash mascara by Benefit...

Today I'm continuing my quest to find that magic can't-live-without-it holy grail mascara, and I'm going towards the higher price range.

I've tried a few different curling mascaras from brands in the low-mid price range and really enjoyed them, so I'm curious to see what (if any) benefits a pricier mascara gives...
The formula for Roller Lash is great; clump free, a rich colour, and in addition to holding the created curl it adds length & volume. I average at 12 hours wear per day, and [despite the formula not being waterproof] the mascara has never flaked on me. 

One coat

The magic for Roller Lash is in the wand: It is gently curved (a bit like a banana). It has rubber bristles of differing lengths that grab, fan and curl every lash out and up (even those little stragglers in the outer corner of the eye. I've found that applying the mascara with the concave side of the wand-head brushing against my lashes sets the best curl and lift to my lashes.

This mascara works really well for me and I have no complaints about how it performs, however I don't feel totally happy recommending it. This is because I think the results are similar to the ones I get from Avon's Big & Daring mascara, and that is much cheaper to buy.

Two coats



Benefit cosmetics are sold in larger Boots stores, Debenhams, Selfridge's, and John Lewis.

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