Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NOTD: Press * For Silver and Ce-less-tial Is More by OPI...

It's that time of year; I'm digging into my collection of Christmas polishes, and as I'm currently working through my holiday 2015 polishes I thought I'd review them for people who are thinking of picking them up. 
So with that said, lets get things rolling with two new polishes from OPI's Starlight collection...

Press * For Silver is a pearl/metallic type polish. The shade is sort of silver, but it has a rosy undertone, so it's not too cold and harsh as a straight-up silver. Hmm, if pushed I'd actually say that it leans more towards being a champagne shade. lol, my shade description skills have failed me.

The formula is top-notch; although I'm wearing two coats in the photos, you really only need one coat for complete coverage that matches the shade in the bottle. It is smooth to apply, doesn't leave lots of brush stroke marks (almost all fade as the polish dries), and it dries quickly. It wears well; a topcoat doesn't effect wear time either way.

Ce-less-tial Is More is a rosy-toned silver glitter, which also has some holographic glitter pieces scattered throughout the formula. This polish has so much glitter in that it is fully opaque in two coats.

The glitter is so finely cut and packed that it has more of a Liquid Sand textured formula then being a traditional out-and-out glitter bomb, so removal isn't very hard. If you want to wear this shade over another polish then you need to so using the dry-brush method, as the amount of glitter makes this polish a bit thicker than is usual for OPI.

I love the look and feel of the 'liquid sand' finish, so am thrilled that OPI snuck one into the Starlight collection. It is made to be worn without a topcoat for the gritty, matte finish, but as there are tons of glitter particles in the polish it looks good with topcoat too. I prefer the matte look of this polish, so I do find it will chip a bit faster then normal OPI polishes, but as it has a textured finish touch ups are easy to do and are unidentifiable.

The Starlight collection can be found wherever OPI polishes are sold.

QVC does a fantastic set (4 polishes & 4 treatments) available in two colour combinations. I got both shades in the 'warm' set.

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