Monday, 4 June 2018

A closer look at... the Kiss Of Fire highlight & Eyeshadow Palette [by Revolution Beauty]...

I decided to take advantage of the recent "free postage with every order" promotion Revolution Beauty had on their site to pick up the new eye/cheek palette that I'd just seen on Instagram.

The Kiss Of Fire palette is a collaboration with YouTube-based MUA Carmi MUA. I'd never heard of Carmi before finding this palette, so the attached name will have zero bearing over my thoughts on the product.

Flash Me!  [river green with a white shift],  Opulence [bronze gold], mix of both

Bibi [orange matte], Yellow Heart [mustard yellow matte], Valeria [light pink with gold shift shimmer], #UWelcome [magenta duo-chrome], XXIII [burgundy metallic]
Kiss Of Fire [maroon matte], Game On [black matte], My Fair Lady [light pink with white shift shimmer], Morning Call [violet duo-chrome], Dominion [teal metallic]

There is a nice selection of finishes to the shadows; from mattes & metallic, to duo-chrome & shimmer. There are less shades in this palette compared to the mass majority of the brand's large number of eyeshadow palettes, but each eyeshadow pan in Kiss Of Fire is 2g, so is 3 or 4 time bigger than the shadow pans in any other Revolution eyeshadow palette. Then as well as the eyeshadows there are two intense cheek/inner corner of the eye highlight powders [the highlighters are 3.5g].

I've not tried Revolution eyeshadows or highlighters before, but I've owned some eyeshadow palettes by their sister company 
❤️ Makeup [now I ❤️ Revolution] before, and had them to be pretty decent. The quality of the shadows in this palette is better then the ones in those palettes - they are less powdery & there is less fall-out. The pigmentation obviously isn't as good as higher end brands and most indies, but for the price point this palette is sold at it is mostly good. I found that although the shadows swatch poorly, they apply, blend and wear well [no creasing and barely any fading over eight hours - no primer],

The highlight powders are awesome, full stop. Flash Me! isn't predominantly green, so don't fret - more ice, with subtle green flashes. Opulence verges on being too dark for me, but mixes with Flash Me! really well, for a more poppy champagne shade. The powders wear all day, don't bleed glitter and they don't irritate the skin - I just got a couple of the new Fenty Beauty ones [reviews coming soon] and enjoy these more.

When I swatched the palette after receiving it I was worried, as every eyeshadow [except the matte yellow and orange shades] swatches badly; however the shadows honestly apply nicely to the eyes, with no primer, no using damp brushes or any other tricks. The only shade that doesn't perform well on the eyes is Game On, as it is very patchy and the colour is more of a charcoal - I usually wear my demo looks out in real life, but the look I did wearing the shade turned out so messy, that I wiped it straight off [I deleted the photo for the demo look I did too]. Dominion is the only shade with any clearly noticeable fading, but I quite like the shade of green that it fades to, so no big issue there for me. 
I'd pay the £10 just for the highlighters, so getting eight good-quality shadows and one "it's okay" shadow in larger-than-usual sized pans too is a bonus in my book.
The Kiss Of Fire cheek/eye palette would make a great gift for someone who is just starting to get into makeup and wants to dip their toes into the world of colourful eyeshadows. Oh hell; I'm a sucker for orange, yellow, pink & purple shades of eyeshadow and vivid highlighters, so this is something that I'm going to reccomend to everyone since they're all here in one palette - such a great colour story in one product, for everyone to mix and match with other palettes for an endless amount of looks, and you'll get to try out new shades/finishes for a low price.

You can buy the Kiss Of Fire palette can be bought from the Revolution site for £10.
It can also be bought from larger Superdrug stores and their site.

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