Friday, 15 June 2018

A closer look at... the new-and-limited Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo [Sand Castle/Mint'd Mojito] by Fenty Beauty...

 Fenty Beauty have just dropped three new duo-highlighter compacts as part of their limited-edition summer line, which they describe as "weightless, long-wear cream-powder hybrid highlighter duos with a hyper-metallic finish" ones, which double up as eyeshadows.

I've never been interested in Fenty Beauty as a whole; I bought their Christmas 2017 eyeshadow palette and didn't like it [I didn't blog it as it sold out before I'd used it enough times for a informed review], and I've only bothered using the stick highlight and Killawatt highlight that I recieved as Christmas presents a few times, so haven't bothered to review them either - they're neither good or bad, so they just bored me too much to be able to form a decent opinion on them. Their foundation, primer and cream sticks aren't suitable for drier skin types and their regular highlighters are a basic shade range, so I've not paid too much attention to what they've been up to.

Could that be about to change? Their new 'Beach Please' summer range is much more interesting shade range-wise, so I've decided to forget my previous experiences and give the brand a fresh try...

Fenty inform us that "Killawatt Foil keeps skin lit beyond sundown with its weightless longwear formula - a cream-powder hybrid that instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort. Another win: it's loaded with extra fine, ultra-smooth shimmer to make all your hyper-metallic gleams come true".

Sand Castle [metallic bronze], Mint'd Mojito [metallic mint-blue]

Sand Castle just doesn't "wow" me as a highlighter; the shade isn't one that pops much in most lighting & it fades quickly, leaving a trail of microglitter on my skin.

Mint'd Mojito looks more unique a shade and is more intense of a glow. It also seems to wear for a bit longer on the skin. However it also contains more shimmer and when the base fades, it leaves a big strip of shimmer on my face.

The shades look nice worn together - the icy mint tones of Mint'd Mojito enhances the duller bronze tones in Sand Castle nicely. Mixing the two shades also enhances the longevity for a few hours, but it also adds to the shimmer overload...

I don't  like these powders on my eyes and won't be likely to wear them as such again; the foiled base begins to melt away shortly after application, making it look messy... and then the microglitter will begin to migrate. Shame, as I liked the shade combo on my eyes and for a little while there I thought that I'd found a nice use for the product.

This was a short review, wasn't it? I just couldn't think of much to say; these highlights under-perform and are not worth their price-tag. Total waste of money imo. To be blunt; I've either been underwhelmed or disappointed by the Fenty Beauty products that I've tried, and think the brand raves are due to this being a Rihanna thing, rather then being a brand that produces high quality cosmetic products.

I bought two highlighter duos at the same time [stupid thing to do in retrospect] and was left dreading using the other one after using this... 

...To be continued...

All Killawatt highlight duos cost £28

Fenty Beauty is exclusive to Harvey Nichols in the UK; you can buy the range in-store or through the site.

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