Sunday, 24 June 2018

A closer look at... the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Duo [Mimosa Sunrise/Sangria Sunset]

 Fenty Beauty have just dropped three new duo-highlighter compacts as part of their limited-edition summer line, which they describe as "weightless, long-wear cream-powder hybrid highlighter duos with a hyper-metallic finish", which double up as eyeshadows [this is the duo that Rihanna has on her eyes in the promo poster].

Fenty's official description also informs us that "Killawatt Foil keeps skin lit beyond sundown with its weightless longwear formula - a cream-powder hybrid that instantly melts into skin and blends with almost zero effort. Another win: it's loaded with extra fine, ultra-smooth shimmer to make all your hyper-metallic gleams come true". 

As I said in my last review, I've tried a few Fenty Beauty items before and didn't care much for them - in fact I actively disliked some of them [including of of the duo compacts in this very collection]. However I just love the shades used in this compact, so I'm crossing my fingers and sending positive vibes towards it; I really, really, really want this experience to be positive...

Will this be the product that improve my "meh"opinion of the brand?

 Mimosa Sunrise [metallic tangerine], Sangria Sunset [metallic magenta]

Mimosa Sunrise: the foil base is thicker compared to the other compact that I reviewed, so the shade is very pigmented and not very glowy. It might make a decent blush for those with medium or deep skintones, but on my skintone I don't like it as one; I think that it just looks like a fading bruise.

Sangria Sunset also has too thick of a base to be an actual highlighter - it leaves a visible strip of colour on the cheeks and there is hardly any glow. It does make an okay blush shade, though...

Just look at the photos of when I tried mixing the shades together = Just no. I think no more words are needed...

At last, we have some good news - these shades are fabulous on the eyes. The bases and pigmentation is thicker compared to the other compact I've tried in this collection, so it applies and wears a lot better [all day with no problems, without primer]. 

I love it as a duo and have worn it as such quite a few times and I plan to mix the compact with one of my already reviewed palettes for a fancier look in the very near future, so that you can see that I really do continue to use products I've reviewed - I've been meaning to do a regular EOTD feature on my blog where I mix various palettes together for a while, but life keeps taking over blog time. 

 If you have a medium or darker skintone, then these will work the best for you, but they're too pigmented for fair and light skintones. At least these make decent eyeshadows, though I'm annoyed since these were bought for using as highlighters, which I can't do. I wouldn't mind that these highlighters weren't meant for my skintone, but Fenty's description says they're for "every skintone" - is it just me, or does that read as them being universal shades?! I can't help but feel deceived into parting with my money...   
I'd originally meant to get the duo with the shades 7DayWked/Poolside but that one wasn't in stock at the time, so I ended up getting the other two compacts and planned to get the missing one at a later date, but now I won't bother as out of the two I have, I out-and-out disliked one and feel tricked by the other. In the UK there are only half a dozen physical Harvey Nichols stores, so most people will have to buy these online and then once they've been opened and tried, you can't return them = calling something universal when it isn't, in order to make us part with our money is really, really wrong and has furthered lessened my feelings towards the brand.

All of the Killawatt highlighting compacts are £28.

Fenty Beauty is exclusive to Harvey Nichols in the UK; you can buy the range in-store or through the site.

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