Tuesday, 4 April 2017

First Impressions: Sweet Like Candy Limited Edition by Ariana Grande...

I read in a paper that Sweet Like Candy is currently the third (or maybe it was the second?) best-selling celebrity-branded perfume in the UK, so a new flanker for it was inevitable, and here we are now.
I found the original Sweet Like Candy pleasant but unmemorable - one of those it's nice enough to wear if I get it as a gift or find it cheap, but not good enough to pay full price for. I was therefore keen to test the limited edition version to see if it had been improved on (I admit to wanting to like it as I love the bottle and was already imagining it sat on my dresser), and made a bit more "wow". After finding the limited edition variant in Boots [it's not on the website, but is in stores now] and multiple tests, my verdict is in...

Will my dresser be getting a new accessory, or is it another near miss by Team Grande?

Like with the original, Sweet Like Candy Limited edition doesn't really say candy to me; when I hear "candy" I envision an almost-edible sugar and vanilla sweetness, whereas the strongest and longest note in the fragrance are the berries [and the bergamot is fairly developed too] which gives the fragrance some energy. There is also a undertone of sugar water that I guess is meant to be pear.

Also like the original Sweet Like Candy, I'm struggling to write a detailed review, as I find this fragrance to be a bit too linear and similar to Ari - none of the florals stand out to me, so I just get an impression of powder and vanilla, which is almost the same as both Ari and the original Sweet Like Candy. I will be fair and say that t
he strong berry note in both this and the original Sweet Like Candy gives the fragrance a bit more impact in comparison to Ari, but the wishy washy florals and the woodsy marshmallow & cream base smells the same in all three fragrances.

The longevity and sillage on offer here aren't anything to shout about either - in all honesty, I think the juice in here is a bit weaker when compared to the original Sweet Like Candy. The perfume wears for around 4/5 hours and it goes close to the skin pretty quickly.

Official scent notes: red berries, Italian bergamot, pear, red frangipani, sambac jasmine, dewy honeysuckle, sensual musk, liquid amber, cashmere wood, crème de cassis and marshmallow.

This edition of Sweet Like Candy certainly isn't something I think of as offensive, vulgar or anything negative scent-wise, but it can't be called even a slightly original fragrance, as to my nose this is pretty much the same as the regular Sweet Like Candy fragrance. Heck; even the SA in Boots warned me not to spend money on it if I have the original fragrance, when I asked for the tester the first time. Even though the official list of scent notes handed out by the makers is different, I think that you are essentially just paying to have the original Sweet Like Candy in a different coloured bottle.

I couldn't find promo pictures for this fragrance, so here's a site ad.

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