Thursday, 20 April 2017

Coming up roses? [Tease Flower edp by Victoria's Secret]...

"A spring fling for the ultimate flirt: a fresh, floral-infused twist on the original warm gourmand scent"
I fancied a new perfume for spring, and as soon as I saw the bottle for Tease Flower online, I knew that it would be mine - no matter the actual scent. I was so in love with the bottle that I went to eBay, bidded, and won a bottle...

Now, after repeatedly wearing the perfume, it's time to share my final thoughts on it. Did I make an impulsive mistake, or is it a wonderful surprise?

This is a refreshing change for a Victoria's Secret perfume; the vanilla and other sugary notes are mild, and there is almost no fruit - maybe a hint of mandarin upon first application? Whatever it is it is slightly citrusy and has the sweet-but-fresh sense of sugar water.

The listed tulip is the star of the show, and I think there is freesia and/or peony, and there is something similar to my fragrances which contain iris. There are some clean and powdery florals present, but I couldn't say for sure what they are, as the tulip overtakes them. If I had to guess I'd go for the one's commonly found in 'clean' fragrances - orange blossom, heliotrope, and neroli.

Official scent notes: orchid, sugar, tulip, whipped cream and vanilla.

I really like this fragrance, but the longevity and sillage are poor for a edp - it wears like a edt; four/five hours max, and close to the skin. Good for warmer weather and those who work closely with others, but still very disappointing and spoils my enjoyment a bit. In fact it spoils the fragrance to the point that I'd have to advise not paying full price for a bottle - I paid £26, which I think is much more reasonable for the quality. 
So yeah; Tease Flower is nice, but the quality is not all that. I say that if you have a Victoria's Secret near you then keep an eye out for when they reduce the perfumes, or keep an eye on eBay and other online retailers. But if you don't find it anywhere for less then £30, I don't think it's worth getting at all.

Tease Flower can still be bought from a Victoria's Secret store today, but availability is now dwindling as they're getting ready to launch their summer fragrances. It is easy to find either auctions and buy-it-now offers for this fragrance on eBay, and other online retailers [eg Amazon] will probably start to stock it soon too.

- RRP -  £52.50

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