Thursday, 13 April 2017

NOTD: Rain Dance The Night Away by China Glaze...

Today I want to look at a polish that was released in the 2015 late-summer-transitioning-into-autumn Desert Escape collection and is still easy to find online today. 
I bought Rain Dance The Night Away as soon as the collection was released, but then my Grandfather died and his favourite song - Dance The Night Away by The Mavericks - was played at his funeral, and I found the similar name of this polish to be a sad reminder of that day, so I put the polish in a drawer and forgot all about it.

However; after almost two years I've come to like the reminder of his life via 'his' song, so it's time to dig out Rain Dance The Night Away and see if it's as good as it's name... 

Rain Dance The Night Away is a light and bright blue that falls somewhere between turquoise, cyan and aqua on the shade charts, and it has a shiny creme finish (no; I don't know why I - an English girl - always type creme, instead of cream). The colour is so vivid it seems to have a faint glow in the dusk, like neons do.

Whilst this isn't anything unique colour-wise, I still highly reccomend it as the formula is a winner; you only need one thicker coat for complete coverage that matches the shade in the bottle, although I'm someone who leans towards applying two thinner coats for better wear - but if I'm not bothered about stretching my mani or pedi out for as long as possible and/or don't have much free time to spend on painting my nails, then this is a reliable and quick option.  
This polish is especially great for those who are new to doing their own nails, as the formula is so easy to work with; it's the perfect balance between not-too-thick and not-too-thin, it is so smooth to apply that it almost seems to apply itself, it doesn't streak on me, it dries quickly, it doesn't stain my nails, and it wears well.

Forgive the slightly blurred photo; the camera catches the vibrant tones the most realistically when out of focus.

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