Wednesday, 26 April 2017

NOTD: Rainbow Wishes by Nails inc...

Today we're looking at the second half of the new Sparkle Like A Unicorn duo by Nails inc.

Rainbow Wishes is described as being the "holographic dreamy soft sheen rainbow" half of the duo on the Nails inc website, but I found myself wondering "what kind of formula counts as a dreamy rainbow?"

I lasted a whole two hours before I cracked and bought a duo from the Nails inc site, so that I could find out for myself. And now it is time to share the results...

Rainbow Wishes has a baby blue base, which has flashes of baby pink in - the pink can make the blue seem more lilac in certain lighting, though I never managed to catch this effect on either my panasonic camera, or phone camera. The iridescent shine is so high, that the polish looks silvery in some light - this is a chameleon of a polish, that was tricky to sit down and decide on which colour and finish to describe it as.

Nails inc described the finish of this polish as holographic upon first release, which is just not true, so they've now changed the site's description (though the box does use the term 'holographic'). I did originally think that it may have been a duocrome when I saw the promo photos, but now after wearing it I'm going to describe it as a iridescent pearl as the pink shift is much more subtle compared to the site's photo.

The iridescence of the formula makes this a sheer polish; it takes three coats for the polish to reach full coverage, but it dries fast and self-levels well, so I don't mind. On me it goes three days before chipping, which I think is good as I'm very hard on my hands and nails - lots of brands barely last a day on me. 

Despite the whole mismarketing of this polish, I do really enjoy Rainbow Wishes and would have recommended the Sparkle Like A Unicorn duo solely for it. However the other polish in the duo is also fantastic, so yes, BUY THIS SET NOW. I don't bother with polish backups, but I am seriously considering tracking down another Sparkle Like A Unicorn duo...

Buy the Sparkle Like a Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit on the Nails inc site for £15.

The duo keeps going in and out of stock quickly on the site, but it's now spreading to stores, Nail Bars and salons that stock Nails inc - such as Selfridges, John Lewis, and larger branches of Debenhams.

The back of the box suggests layering the two shades, but I wasn't keen on the look when I tried it. What do think of the look?

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