Tuesday, 21 March 2017

YouTube vlog: Kat Von D shares her views on dupes and outright plagiarism [and gives us a sneak peek on upcoming releases]

Yesterday Kat Von D posted a Instagram pic showing Makeup Revolution's copy of her Shade & Light eyeshadow palette, and she was not pleased... 
Kat was called out in the comments for being unprofessional, though the post is on her personal account and not her brand one, so now she has uploaded a video on her Youtube channel in order to clarify her thoughts and opinions on the issue.

I've reviewed one of Makeup Revolution's sister company's [I <3 Makeup] Too Faced Chocolate Bar copies before, and didn't think much about the serious of the plagiarism, but I want to share the video as what Kat says has made me really think about the products I buy...

Also; Kat goes through one of her artwork portfolios to show us some of the work she puts into her product design and walks us past her new product testing area, and you need to prepare your credit card for the upcoming workout; Kat's relaunching her Saint and Sinner perfumes [with candles!], a Saint & Sinner eyeshadow palette, a mini lipstick set, a shimmer version of the Shade & Light eyeshadow palette, a train case, and metallic liquid lipsticks. 

Oh; according to the KatVonDBeauty Instagram account, the Alchemist highlight palette and the Pastel Goth palette will be released in May for UK customers. The brand will slowly spread to Debenhams stores this year too.

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