Saturday, 20 February 2016

The mystery of the mis-labeled OPI...

A few weeks ago I was browsing eBay and noticed a pretty shimmery OPI shade I couldn't place, and there was no shade name supplied within the description page. I didn't have time to contact the seller or try to search Google as the polish had a little under three minutes left, but as the polish was still at 99p I decided to indulge my curiosity by bidding. No one else bidded, so I won & received my polish several days later.  
My curiosity wasn't about to be satisfied...
The name on the bottle is That's Berry Daring, which is the name of a Brights Collection raspberry creme shade. The code on the bottle belongs to the shade And This Little Piggy, which is also a Brights Collection shade - a shimmery pink one.

My first thought was that this could be a mislabeled bottle of Visions Of Georgia Green, but my polish smells old school (stronger and more chemically in comparison to today's 3-free and 5-free nail polish formulas), which suggests that my polish is a lot older than VOGG. I'm not very knowledgeable about OPI's green polishes, so all I could come up with for a similar shade and finish to this was Creme De Menthe. But I know that CDM (X Collection, 1989) is super-rare, so it's not very likely that this is it.

It was at this point I turned to the members of the nailboard at MakeupAlley for help in tracking down some more information on the polish... No-one could place the shade against any of their polishes (including VOGG & CDM), but one board member suggested that I have ended up a fake OPI and that I should Google "OPI That's Berry Daring fake" for more information. Sadly the links that came up in Google were light on useful information, so the bits I Needed could be summed up in the intro text you get on Google searches...

... I admit that I had considered that the polish could have been a fake when I saw the label; none of my other OPI polishes have the colour of the shade on the labels. Plus I actually found a bottle of Visions Of Georgia Green in TK Maxx a few days after getting my bottle of That's Berry Daring, and when I had them side by side I could see that the fake OPI has a slightly shorter and fatter wand handle, and the bottle top is a bit flatter - real OPIs have a small gap between the bottle and the bottom of the lid, as the bottle-top is lightly rounded so can't screw down as tightly as my fake does.

L-R: Visions Of Georgia Green, "That's Berry Daring"

So there we go; I'm now convinced that I am now the owner of a counterfeit OPI (its a pretty springtime colour, so I will be trying it out soon). I just wanted to post this for other people who may have a similarly mislabeled bottle and are not sure what's going on with it.

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