Monday, 8 February 2016

Thanks so muchness: Secret Fantasy Wonderland edt by Avon...

A magical mix of juicy red berries, plumeria and crème de Chantilly
All of the Secret Fantasy fragrances seem to be based on popular 'celeb scents', so I ordered this new fragrance just before Christmas (it arrived early in January) to see how close they'd come to the 'inspirational' fragrance this time...
As you may have guessed by the name and print ad, Avon have tried to capture Taylor Swift's Wonderstuck (Elizabeth Arden) for this entry in the Secret Fantasy fragrance range. As I found that nice but not £30+ nice, I'm keen to find out if this cheaper alternative can fill in the gap...

Secret Fantasy Wonderland applies with a sweet raspberry-lead fruit cocktail of jammy berries, before settling into a uncomplicated powdered floral heart. The standouts in the floral mix for me are rose and orange blossom. 

The base of cream, sandalwood and vanilla develops quickly and bleeds though into the fruit and florals, so the fragrance is quite linear as a whole as the fruit notes are also long lasting.

Official scent notes: black elder, frangipani, whipped cream

It goes close to the skin quickly and barely lasts five hours, so I wouldn't pay full price for it. I do recommend picking it up when it's on offer though if you're looking for a quieter sweet-and-feminine fragrance. I can't imagine anyone finding it offensive, so it's nice to wear if you have personal contact with the public at work.

True; like with Wonderstruck, this is not something that I think anyone will think of as a "wow" fragrance, but it is nice; whilst there's nothing unique about Secret Fantasy Wonderland, there's nothing disagreeable about it, so I don't regret my blind buy of it.

This is something that I think is best to wear on lazy days and weekends as this fragrance feels casual; it's what I pick to wear when I don't want a 'dressy' structured fragrance, but still want something that packs a bit more punch than a body spray.

You can either order Avon products via a door to door representative, or you can order it online here.

The normal price is £11 for a 50ml bottle, but you can buy it for £5.50 at the minute.

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