Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Sneak peek: Melrose Spring 2016 nail polish collection by Orly...

For today let's do something totally different and take a look at another new spring nail polish collection (sorry, but I haven't come out of my winter blues state of mind yet). 
I think Orly polishes are of a good quality, but most of their collections are rather boring - they can come out with one good polish every now and then that captures my eye, but then they get a bit Essie and surround the good with the generic blah ones in most of their collections.

Will their new spring collection have any standouts, or is it all zzzzz?

Take a stroll down the famous and funky indie shopping mecca that stretches from Silver Lake to Santa Monica. Here you’ll find designer couture, funky indie shops, restaurants and one of L.A.’s most popular flower shops. An acid mixture of bubble gum, coral, raspberry and minty turquoise softened by pinkish nudes in a variety of effects from matte to ultra-glossy, and foamy or gelatinous translucents.

Wow. The entire collection uses two colours. Orly are really pushing the limits of uniqueness here, aren't they?

Don't get me wrong, I love turquoise and pink shades of polish; I have just installed the Nail Polish Rack app on my phone to help me keep track of what I have, and after blue and purple shades it's pink and turquoise that I have in abundance. So yeah, I'm not against the idea of a stripped back polish collection that focuses on the two colors.

But... Whilst they might be pretty, there is nothing that hasn't already been done before in this collection - I'm sure that if I looked through my stash right now, I would find very similar shades of every polish in the Melrose collection. For me the collection is something that I might take a closer look at if I see it at TK Maxx, but there's nothing that jumps out or anything that I'm prepared to pay full-price for.

The Melrose collection will be released this month.

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