Saturday, 16 January 2016

No angels here: Miss Manga Black Angel...

I love the big, doll eyed look, and the original Miss Manga mascara delivers the results I want for the look. Miss Manga Punky has a richer colour and the formula is more voluminous in comparison, but I found that the shape it gave my lashes too full-on for my tastes.

But now there's a new Miss Manga mascara on the block...

Black Angel seems to be the original Miss Manga but in a richer shade, so this edition of the mascara has the same formula; it gives my lashes the mega volume, great separation and increased length.

I've not experienced flaking or smudging, plus it holds my curl all day and is easy to remove. The volumizing abilities of this are unbeatable, plus the increase of length is good too - and since the brand doesn't promise any added length with this product, I think that this is a great added bonus. At the end of the day this mascara can easily be removed too - I either use cold cream or just grab a makeup remover wipe, and I've never had any problems.

The brush is a regular size with short bristles so I'm not forever hitting my socket line during application. The gimmick for this mascara is the the wand near the tip bends to enable the brush to grab, coat and push every lash out and up (even those little stragglers in the outer corners of the eye). It did take a couple of tries to get used to this feature, but now I think that this gimmick really does help me to achieve my desired look.
The regular Miss Manga mascara was one of my favourites but Black Angel has just overtook it; [like Miss Manga Punky] the colour is richer in Black Angel, which is really saying something since the original is great. Plus the wand seems bendier in comparison to the original version, so it is easier to get to the roots of my lashes and get the perfect lift I want.

ThMiss Manga mascaras cost £9.99 each, and arsold wherever L'Oreal cosmetics are stocked eg Boots, Superdrug, and selected supermarkets.

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