Friday, 8 January 2016

Get it now: The House Of Color nail polish collection by China Glaze...

Who wants a bit more colour splashed into their wet and grey January?
I've fallen a bit behind when it comes to China Glaze; I only got around to buying two shades from their Christmas collection yesterday, when I found a duo set in TK Maxx. They released a collection of glitters called the Star Hopping collection shortly after releasing the Christmas one, which you can see & buy by clicking the link.

However; as its a new year I want to focus on the new collection, so let's take a look at what's on offer in the new spring/summer collection from China Glaze (thanks to ChicProfile)...

China Glaze House of Colour Spring 2016 Collection features a variety of shades inspiredy by creativity, self-expression and individual style. This collection is about showing off your true colors.

Shut The Front Door! – violet (Shimmer)
Chrome Is Where The Heart Is – purplish-gray (Shimmer)
Sorry I’m Latte – light coffee with milk (Cream)
Glitter Me This …– white, gold, silver particles on a transparent base (Glitter)
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun – pale yellow (Cream)
Let’s Chalk About It – pastel lilac (Cream)
About Layin ‘Out – pink salmon (Cream)
Pink Or Swim – light pink (Cream)
In The Near Fuchsia – bright fuchsia (Cream)
Moonlight The Night – blue, turquoise, mint, orange particles on a transparent base (Glitter)
Come Rain Or Shine – Blue (Shimmer)
Do not Be Shallow – Blue (Cream)

Room Mates Mini Set [6 x 3.6 ml]
Shut The Front Door!
In The Near Fuchsia
Pink Or Swim
Let’s Chalk About It
Come Rain Or Shine
Do not Be Shallow

House of Colour Set [6 x 14 ml]
Let’s Chalk About It
About Layin ‘Out
Pink Or Swim
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun
Do not Be Shallow
Moonlight The Night

 Glitter Me This set [2 x 14ml]
Let’s Chalk About It 
Glitter Me This

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun set [2 x 14ml]
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

About Layin ‘Out

I'm impressed; there's a nice mix of light and dark shades, plus a mix of different finishes, so this collection has something for everyone. Hopefully TK Maxx will get a set or two, or maybe I'll keep an eye on eBay - the price of China Glaze polishes has been creeping up over the past year, and my preferred third-party sellers on Amazon aren't around any more.

Phoebe Moon has filmed a live swatch & review for the collection here.

You can buy the polishes in this collection now from Nail Polish Direct today with free post.

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