Monday, 3 August 2015

First impressions: Mad Potion edp by Katy Perry...

I've noticed that my local branches of Boots and Superdrug began stocking the new Katy Perry/ Coty perfume - Mad Potion a week ago, so I've been testing it on a almost daily basis since then.

When I first read about the scent notes used in Mad Potion I was less then enthused about it (vanilla, vanilla, vanilla, musk, musk, musk - I'm not exaggerating), but have Coty managed to put a bit of an unique stamp on it & will I now have to admit that I'm wrong?

I wanted to write a detailed review here, but I can't as Mad Potion is just flat and rather simple. It is vanilla and musk from top to bottom with a splash of sweet apple in the opening. Victoria's Secret body spritzes are more complex (and longer lasting) then this.

Sometimes I think I can make out some kind of powdered floral-type notes in the heart, but these notes are too faint for me to be able to identify, and they fade quickly back into the vanilla/musk mix. 
The soft sprinkle of florals in the heart are followed by sandalwood as the fragrance dries down.

Official scent notes: vanilla orchid, peony, apple musk, Borbon vanilla, jasmine petals, soft musk, vanilla, amber and sexy musk.

As I mentioned above; the longevity is poor - within two hours of application I can't smell anything.

I can't stress how strong the vanilla is enough in Mad Potion - it smacks me in the face and overpowers my nose. I'm a girly girl at heart and enjoy sweeter fragrances, but this offers nothing even slightly different and new. The poor longevity is the final nail in the coffin for me - its not a "yuck, get it off me" fragrance or anything, it's just very, very boring.

I gave Mad Potion a fair chance to grow on me by testing it frequently in stores, but it as uninspired as I first suspected it would be. Maybe it's upcoming flanker (Mad Love) will have some umpth to it.

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