Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Let's Get Wicked: Halloween 2015 collection by OPI...

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One of my favourite blogs - BeautyGeeks - has scored photos of the new Halloween nail polish set by OPI, so as I love Halloween I wanted to share one of their pics for it.

Was the wait for info on this year's collection worth it, or have China Glaze beaten them once again?

OPI Halloween 2015 Let's Get Wicked
[credit: beautygeeks.com]

This is a big disappointment. I'd hoped that last year's Peanuts Halloween collection would be the start of a new era [that collection had new shades, and you had a choice of buying either the mini set or individual full-sized bottles]. However for this year's offering OPI have made a U turn and returned to their usual game of renaming-overstock-of-existing-shades-and-stuff-them-in-a-mini-pack-and-hope-it-fools-people...

This year their collection features the pink creme and the black satin shades from the Gwen Stefani collection [Hey Baby, 4 In The Morning], the orangey red creme from the Ford Mustang collection [Race Red], and the yellow from the Brazil collection [Just Can't Cope-acabana]. To sweeten the deal the pack's also contain striping tape. Yippee - they're not even bothering with transfers or bracelets this year.

I'll be skipping this year's offering. Fingers crossed that their Christmas collection [Starlight] is a bit more inspired...

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