Monday, 10 August 2015

Getting lippie: Super Lustrous lipstick in Really Red by Revlon...

Today I thought I'd take a break from both my ever-growing nail polish collection and my fascination with perfumes, to continue my foray into the world of bold lipsticks.
This post will peek into the latest purchase in my ongoing search for the perfect red - which today also continues my exploration in Revlon cosmetics...

Revlon's Really Red is great for a drugstore red lipstick because it doesn't have a noticeably orange or blue undertone - it's hard to find a good quality drugstore lipstick that doesn't lean too blue or too orange against my pale skin, but Really Red straddles the line perfectly. The tone of red is very similar to MAC Russian Red, but with a bit less blue in the undertone.
The finish to the lipstick is matte, so this is obviously a bit dryer in comparison to the other lipsticks that Revlon makes. Because of this I've found that this lipstick isn't as easy to distribute onto my lips evenly as a creme lipstick - which is why I've removed a star. The plus side to this is that the formula has great pigmentation and once it's on your lips it won't smudge or bleed, and despite feeling dry it hasn't had a noticeably drying effect on my lips. The other plus is that the lasting power is better then it is with the non-matte shades in Revlon's Lustrous lipstick line; about 6 hours, depending on food/drink. I've had no problems with the packaging - it is secure and doesn't look cheap.
  I'm wearing MUA lipliner in Ravishing Red 
in the photos in this post.
[l to r] Really Red lipstick, Ravishing Red lipliner

Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks: £7.49
MUA (brand exclusive to Superdrug stores) pencil lipliner: £1

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