Saturday, 15 August 2015

(Wear it) With Love edp by Paris Hilton...

In October 2014 Paris Hilton released With Love - a fragrance dedicated to her fans. Described by Parlux fragrances as sophisticated, timeless and elegant, With Love blends together fresh fruit, elegant flowers, and soft woods.
I've owned my bottle for a while now and think now is the best time for a review, as I think that as we anticipate the transition from fruity summer scents into wood-based autumn ones is the best time to wear With Love, as it straddles the line between the seasons perfectly.

With Love opens with a fruity blast of apple and citrusy bergamot. The feel of With Love is a bit different from Paris's earlier fruit-lead fragrances, as the notes are not very sweet - the fruits here are fresh and border on being sharp. The notes are not so sharp as to be sour however, as the kiwi tames the notes and adds a bit of wateriness to the perfume.

The watery green top notes are dominant on me and are long wearing, so as the floral notes develop they take a back seat to the overall clean and simple feel to With Love. I can detect what I'm quite sure is the jasmine and lily. I'm not positive, but I think that there may be some gardenia too.

The woody base is close to the skin, as the fruit finally dies down. The musk in here is clean and airy, so the wisp of vanilla I pick up on doesn't really sweeten the fragrance up for me; there's a hint of warmth here, but only a subtle touch.  

Official scent notes; green apples, bergamot, kiwi, wild jasmine, orchid, lily of the valley, sensual woody accords and creamy musk.

The only real negative I have for With Love is not for the actual juice, it's for the way that it's been presented; the shape and feel of the bottle is very cheap, and reminds me of the old Victoria's Secret bottles for their Secret Garden body splashes.

All in all I think With Love is well worth looking past the celeb name attached to it (I actually think all of the Paris Hilton fragrances are well-made for their price points); whilst it's not wildly unique or anything, It is clean, uncluttered, and is inexpensive to buy.

With Love is sold at Superdrug, and comes in 50ml [£30] & 100ml [£40].

I've not come across it discounted on any UK-based sites as of yet, 
but With Love regularly pops up on EBay. 
The 50ml bottles can go for under £10 (I paid £3.50 + £4.00 postage), and the 100ml bottles can go for under £20.

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