Thursday, 16 July 2015

NOTD: To Be Or Not To Beagle by OPI, over Rose Among Thorns by China Glaze...

Hello summer!!!

I'm getting into neon polishes for the first time ever, so whilst the sun is out I want to share one of the best formulated ones that I've found so far. I also love a black glitter, so whilst I'm spotlighting the neon I'm also going to top it with one if my newer glitter purchases...

Rose Among Thorns is a megawatt bright cerise pink and like the rest of China Glaze's [pre-Electric Night collection] neon polishes Rose Among Thorns dries matte. It's one of those cerise shades where the red undertones hide in certain lighting, and is much more vivid in others. It definitely leans more towards pink on me, though many of the other photos online show Rose Among Thorns as a orange-tinged red, but my bottle [bought this year] is definitely a pink-with-red-undertones; China Glaze have altered the formulas for their classic neons like Flip Flop Fantasy and Pool Party, so have they changed Rose Among Thorns at some point? 

As you can see in the photos it does look a bit rough when dry, but one layer of topcoat smoothes it all out. Out of all China Glaze's huge neon polish range Rose Among Thorns stands out to me as it is not streaky when you skip the white base, which is a problem I keep encountering with their older neon polishes. However this is still a neon that really does benefit from being layered over white if you plan on wearing it alone; while a white base doesn't effect the brightness of the shade, the formula is very sheer. I used three coats over a clear base in the photos, and you can still see vnl before I topped it with the glitter. The polish is smooth and bubble free to apply, and dries extremely quickly; within one minute. Admittedly it's not as long lasting as China Glaze's crème or jelly based polishes, but then no other brand has matte polishes that holds up as well as their other finishes do either.

To Be Or Not To Beagle is from the OPI Halloween 2014 collection [which was a bit different by OPI's usual standards as the four colours are available in full-sized bottles, as well as the familiar four-piece mini set]. The clear-based glitter is mainly composed of black matte hex glitters in various sizes. There are matte black bar glitters, and matte hexes in blue, pink, yellow, and mint scattered throughout the mix too.

The glitter applies fairly evenly and smoothly when you dab it on [rather than strokes], and the base is quick to dry. I love white glitter toppers because they go over almost any colour, so it's very versatile. This kind of glitter mix also is my favourite to use for jelly sandwiches. I was also really delighted to find that this topper adds about two days to the life of my manicure too.

The cheapest place to buy Rose Among Thorns is Nail Polish Direct, for only £3.95 & free p+p.

The Peanuts Halloween collection comes and goes from UK sites all the time, so I bought my bottles of the glitters from this eBay store for £4.45 & £3.81 p+p each. 
Delivery took around one week from the US.

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