Friday, 17 July 2015

First glance: Cheers Holiday 2015 collection by China Glaze...

Image result for china glaze logoWe're going a different way around for today's first glance at a major nail polish companies Christmas 2015 collection; I've found a photo of China Glaze's new Cheers Holiday 2015 line, but no other information, or store display images. I thought the swatches would be what most people want to see anyway, so I'm going to click publish on this short post, then do a proper one further down the line.

So for now, just feast your eyes on the pretties below...

[Credit: PolishGalore

Sparkles! Blues, purples, pinks!!

I enjoy China Glaze's christmas collections as they always have a nice variety of colours and finishes in them, but this years chosen palette of colours and finishes is especially appealing to me.

I'll save my rambling for a future post, but I'll say that at least half of the colours are jumping out at me...

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