Sunday, 5 July 2015

Feeling the Rush? Heat Rush EDT by Beyonce...

"Beyonce Heat Rush shines, sparkles and excites the moment it touches the skin. Surrounded by a luminous fragrant aura, the woman who wears it feels instantly effervescent and alive. Sensual and bright, the scent lights up a room just as Beyonce captivates with her presence" 
The sun is finally out (sometimes) so let's follow on my last post's theme by having a look at a older summery Heat fragrance from Coty/Beyonce...
I hope that you like passion fruit, because that is what Heat Rush is all about - top to bottom. I'm not sure if there's some peach here too, but then again peach and passion fruit smell similar anyway, so it doesn't really matter I guess. There is a short lived burst of blood orange, but it is quickly buried under the sweetness of the passion fruit. The cherry note is hidden under everything else, so I only get a little sniff every now and then - a shame as it would have broken up the qmonotony a bit if it was more developed.

I wish that the heart of the fragrance was a bit more varied, but the long fruit notes from the opening are still going strong. therefore I can't separate any of the floral notes that are listed apart from a indistinct floral, that I'd say it's most like jasmine. I take this as the perfumers attempt at a tiger orchid, which is rare so there's no way a real one is being used.

After the extremely fruity start Heat Rush drys down into a honey, wood, and musk blend, but there still is a lingering scent of passion fruit. This is why I keep coming back to this fragrance ; the sweetened wood over a background of musk and fruit is lovely.

Official scent notes; Passion fruit sorbet, blood orange, Brazilian cherry, yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom, orange hibiscus, teak wood, honey amber and Rio sunset musk.

I think it wears well for a mass market EDT - it burns down within five hours. Even though it's a EDT it outlasts the original Heat EDP's poor three to four hour longevity. Heat Rush is something that I've only worn during the day; mainly on lazy days and weekends as this fragrance seems more casual compared to the other Heat fragrances; it's what I pick to wear when I don't want a 'dressy' structured fragrance, but still want something that packs a bit more punch then a body spray.

I feel the same about Heat Rush as I do about the rest of the Heat fragrances; there's nothing unique about it, but then again there's nothing horrible about it either and if you love fruity/florals which focus heavily on the fruit half of the equation rather than the florals, then youll enjoy this fragrance. 

I bought a giftset containing a 30ml bottle, plus body lotion & shower gel [both 75ml] for £10 on Amazon (here), and am happy with my purchase for that price and will buy it again if I find it at that price in the future. 

However I don't feel that this fragrance is worth it's RRP; the edt formulation and rather generic fragrance is nice, but it's nothing exciting and is quite linear. So I'd recommend shopping around for a low price, and not paying the full RRP on Heat Rush.

Time for a moan: I'm left handed so hate the'genie lamp' bottle design for the Heat fragrances - the square neck to the bottle digs into my fingers and hurts when I spray. The wide base does mean it stands securely, though it is tricky to get any juice when the bottle is 2/3 empty.

30ml: £21
50ml: £26
100ml; £36

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