Friday, 10 April 2015

NOTD: Cracked Concrete by China Glaze, over Cole by Zoya...

I've been keen to use my new Crackle Glaze polishes, and I started to mentally list which colours I wanted to try underneath the grey one as soon as I saw it, so here we are.

Today's Spotlight combo turned into a mellow tiger effect: peach, covered with my grey crackle...

I've been getting into Zoya polishes lately, and Cole stands out because it is the only one that has been a bit of a disapointment for me. This polish needs three coats and it is still uneven - with regular creme polishes three coats is my max, any polish that needs more is an automatic fail with me. 

Even worse is the thick, streaky formula; when a polish has a double figure RRP I don't see why I should then need to spend more money on a polish thinner to be able to use it. 

Finally: I found Cole to be slow drying after the second coat, and after topcoat and quick dry drops (both by Zoya) the polish remained dentable for around two hours.

Excuse the messy pic; I spent an evening (and was up until 2 in the morning) trying get a nice mani using Cole. After several do overs, using Zoya's base, topcoat & qd drops, I ended up with this...

I'm really loving my grey crackle, as it's much less harsh compared to a classic black one, so it will look lovely over traditional spring nail polish shades.

As the Crackle Glaze topcoat dries [within one minute] it starts to crack and separate, leaving a unique leopard skin pattern. Not only does it give an easy, professional pattern every time, but it is also hard wearing and helps my polish last longer without using another top coat over it. 

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