Thursday, 23 April 2015

Geek chic with (not that) Makeup Geek palette by I ❤️ Makeup...

I choose this palette to play around with as it has some shades in that are reminiscent to those found in the bright, fun-looking Urban Decay Electric palette, but it also has plenty of easier to wear colourful shades in it - plus there are a variety of shades that I'd class as 'everyday' types of neutral basics to help pull everything together.

So let's take a quick look at the shadows...

As well as a big selection of shade types (neutrals, pastels, mid-tones, and brights) in this palette, there is also a nice selection of finishes to the shadows; from mattes and satin, to frost and shimmer.
The quality of the shadows is better then the ones in the I ❤️ Chocolate palette - they are less powdery & there is less fall-out, so the quality is the same as the shadows in the I'm In Love palette.
The pigmentation isn't quite as good as higher end brands such as Urban Decay or Clinique, but for the price point this palette is sold at (£7.99) it is very good & outright beats many of the more mainstream brands such as Rimmel, Collection, Maybelline, Avon, Revlon, and L'Oreal.
In addition to good pigmentation, these shadows apply, blend and wear well, so this palette would make a great gift for someone who is just starting to get into makeup. In fact this is something that is reccomend to everyone since the variety is great for everyone to mix and match, and try out new shades for them.


I've added photos of a few of the FOTD look's I've worn using the Makeup Geek palette below, to show that this isn't just a party look palette - you can create tons of wearable, every-other-day looks with it.

I did this quick 'barely there' look to demonstrate how this palette can be used for more conservative, work appropriate looks...

l = I used this shimmery taupe shade on my lids, for a natural glow.
c = I blended this matte shade (that's only a few shades lighter then my skintone) in just below my crease, then blended it high up to just below my brow.
h = I used a pencil brush to apply this shimmery champagne shade [its not as yellow in real life] directly under my brows. I then dipped a fluffy brush into then pan and  blended the highlight and crease shades into one another to soften the look even more.
el = I dampened a liner brush and used this matte shade to line my upper lashes.

Then for my lower lashes I used the crease (c) shade to line them, then used the darker matte (el) shade to go over the outer third of the eye.


This look shows how you can soften the more vibrant shades, so that they can also be used in most other day-to-day looks...

1 = I started by using the shimmery peach to define my crease, and then blended it upwards.
2 = I used the frosty silver taupe shade on my lids, then softly blended the edges into the base of the crease shade. I then used a black kohl liner to line my upper lashes, and then went back over then line with more of the lid shade, to soften out the look.
3 = I then used a blending brush to apply the purple shadow just above the cease shade. I then blended it into most of the crease shade, so that the purple tones are only visible in certain lights.
4 = I used this shade to highlight underneath my brows.

5 = I used one of my favourite matte shades to line underneath my lower lashes.
6 = I went over the outer third of the line with this darker purple shade, making sure it blended with the lighter matte shade, to tone the colour down.


This is a quick way to inject a hit of colour applied with a damp brush into your eye look without it being too overwhelming.  As well as being a fast look to do, it is also easy...

* I used a damp liner brush to apply this shimmery blue shade.
* I wanted a bit more of a pop in the look, so I used a pencil brush to dab a bit of the lighter blue around my tear ducts.


This look shows how applying a thicker coat of black eyeliner prevents the brighter shades of shadow from being too overwhelming, but still give eyes a nice pop...

1) I think that orange makes blue eyes pop, so I used it all over my łid.
2) I didn't want to smother my łid shade too much, so I used this shade in my crease to neaten the border of my łid shade, but didn't bring it out above the crease.
3) I used this soft shade as a highlight underneath my brows.


The 'Makeup Geek' palette is £7.99
I ❤️ Makeup cosmetics are sold in Superdrug stores in the UK.

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