Thursday, 3 April 2014

Best of both worlds: L'oreal L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche [exclusive to Boots]

When oil meets colour.. L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick by Color Riche.

Colour intensity of a lipstick
Magnifying shine of a gloss
Softness of a balm

I was never really a fan of L'Oreal products in the past - their mascaras were too wet, the hair dyes always looked different from the box, the lipglosses were too sticky, and he lipsticks always seemed to smell weird... But now I've tried several products of theirs [makeup, skincare, and haircare] this year and have loved them all, but  L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick is vying with Miss Manga mascara as my favourite thing by them that I've tried so far.

I have two shades and the quality of the formula is great on both of them; this is a liquid lipstick, so you get the strong colour and good staying power of a traditional moisturizing lipstick [3 to 4 hours], minus the drying feeling you can get from a lipstick. As a liquid you get added shine and a soft feel, minus the sticky and slippy feeling I've experienced with past L'Oreal glosses.

It's the best of both worlds. I will be checking out the other shades in the range as the two shades I have are both highly wearable, and have pulled of the product's three claims successfully.

Nude Ballet

A nude shade that doesn't look overly pink, brown, or peach, but must have some in the undertone because it's not that sickly beige, elastic-band shade I usually get on my lips. A lovely go-with-everything shade that now permanently lives in my handbag. 

Fuchsia Drama

A cheerful bright pink shade, that is ideal for this time of the year. This is  little bit different to Nude Ballet as layering the product really changes the look; a light sweep of the wand gives a bright-not-not-too-loud sheer pink, whilst two swipes dials up the intensity and brings out the purple undertones...



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