Wednesday, 16 April 2014

In a flash: Flashlightening 40 volume Complete Maximum Hair Lightening Kit by Manic Panic...

I mentioned a few post ago (here) that I'd bought a Flashlightening bleach kit to use on my hair to make the most out of the various shades of vivid hair colour I'd just bought, so now I'm going to attempt to try and use it without any major upsets. Wish me luck...

MANIC PANIC FLASHLIGHTNING Complete Bleach Kits were created not only to be the perfect complement to MANIC PANIC Semi Permanent Hair Colors, but also to give you a high quality hair lightening kit that will make you "Platinum Blonde like Blondie" and "as white as Andy". 
FLASHLIGHTNING is strong stuff, with 30 and 40 volume developer, guaranteeing dramatic results. To obtain the most intense colors from our MANIC PANIC Semi Permanent hair dyes we suggest you first lighten your hair with FLASHLIGHTNING Complete Bleach Kits. NO NEED TO BUY ANY EXTRAS. Complete means you get everything from developer with bleach powder to mixing tub to gloves to tint brush to cap. Along with all this comes step by step instructions, plus instructions on how to do a preliminary strand test, which is always an essential part of the process.  
TIPS Remember to shampoo out all the FLASHLIGHTNING from your hair thoroughly before you apply MANIC PANIC Hair Color. Leftover bleach residue on the hair can prevent the hair color from processing properly.  
Read all instructions and perform strand test before using FLASHLIGHTNING - Manic Panic

As you can see in this photo taken the day before lightening my hair, the old pink dye had mostly washed out - there were just few stubborn patches left over my failed ombre attempt, which I was too impatient to leave and wait to fade on their own. The brown in my hair is also dye, so my Flshlightening kit had a lot to work through...

I'e tried bleaching my own hair a few times over the years and have failed miserably each time, so I enlisted the help of my sister this time in the hope of a better result.

Did it work?

The instructions tell you to apply the bleach to dry and unwashed hair, and to leave it on from anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes checking a strand every 10 minutes after the first 40 to see if it has lightened enough. I ended up keeping the bleach on for the full 90 minutes as my hair is thick and was slow to lighten...

Overall I'm pleased with the results - it is a bit patchy in places but as I lost count years ago of the number of dyes I've used, I knew a uniform white-blonde shade was never going to happen for me. Having said that this has been the lightest result to come out of all of my past bleaching and  dye remover experiments and which a toner would probably be a wearable blonde. As is the one-step process has given me a solid base to use my Crazy Color dyes on.

If you are someone who hasn't dyed your hair before then this kit will take your hair straight to white blonde (see my roots in the above pics).


I bought my kit from Amazon. Prices start from £10.99 + p&p.

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