Sunday, 13 April 2014

A dark Fantasy reboot - Fantasy: The Naughty Remix edp by Britney Spears...

Britney Spears presents two new versions of her best selling and most popular fragrance Fantasy - The Naughty Remix and The Nice Remix. 
The Naughty Remix is made for moments when you feel a bit dangerous and daring, while The Nice Remix is in touch with your softer side. Both fragrances are made to emphasize certain notes of the original - Fragrantica 

I wanted some over-head headphones for when I'm watching DVDs on my laptop, as using my in-ear ones all of the time isn't very comfortable. I was going to TK Maxx to buy some that I liked the look of, but walked by Superdrug recently and saw the various gift bags they had [gift wrapping various best-selling perfumes and past free-gifts-with-purchases together] displayed for Easter; one of the gift-sets in the window had the perfume Fantasy: The Naughty Remix paired with pink headphones.

As a fan of the original Fantasy I'd been meaning to try the new perfume out but had never gotten around to it, but seeing as the set was cheaper to buy then the similar-looking headphones in TK Maxx I made an impulsive blind buy...

I've found that there is no strong indication between the top and heart notes in the fragrance thanks to the constant presence of the buttery vanilla cupcake and faint powdery floral mix. I was surprised to learn that the starring floral note is jasmine as I usually find it quite a strong floral, whilst the florals here are soft and powdery - I'd have guessed rose.

The chocolate adds a rich undertone to the clean musk and woods [I'm thinking sandalwood] in the perfume's base, which lends a bit of a darker air to the perfume as it dries down. I can't pick up on the orris root - then again since orris root is quite expensive I doubt I've ever really smelt the real thing in perfumes, so wouldn't really know what to look for.

Official scent notes: jasmine petals, white chocolate orchid, sweet cupcake accord, sensual woody notes, orris root and creamy musk.

As the Naughty Remix is a lighter fragrance as it uses less key scents notes in comparison to Fantasy you do have to expect to get less longevity - five to six hours.  Not too bad for the price, but not the best by far.

This is perfect for me as I love the original Fantasy but I suffer from migraines so am finding it harder to wear now, but as this new less-complicated version removes the heavier floral notes I can enjoy the appealing sweet and comforting feel of the fragrance without worrying about painful migraines.

I'm now 30 so do think I'm getting a bit old for Fantasy, but I do think this new 'darker' version does seem a bit older, so I generally have felt more confident wearing it in comparison to the original version. So that is worth remembering for those over 25 Fantasy fans.


30ml - £23
50ml - £29.50
100ml - £40

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