Saturday, 19 April 2014

We ain't goin' to tha candy shop: Crazy Color in Candy Floss (65) by Renbow...

As soon as I looked in the mirror after applying Candy Floss, I knew that it would be a miss for me; I carefully applied the colour to my whole head but, as you can see, the pale pink only stuck to some of it in random spots, leaving me all patchy.

When I then rinsed the dye from my hair [I waited about 40 minutes] using only water, my hair remained mostly blonde, with a few pale pink streaks:

I didn't bother including any photos of my hair when dry, as the pink strands were so pale that the camera didn't pick them up. After one wash they were gone.

I wouldn't mind this failed experiment too much as Crazy Color is a low priced vegetable dye that washes out and and doesn't damage hair, but having also spent the time and money - not to forget any hair damage - on getting my hair bleached light enough in preparation for using this Jem-pink shade of dye, I am very disappointed.

So I can't personally recommend Candy Floss as a hair dye shade by Crazy Color [Renbow]. Such a shame as this was the shade I was really desperate to try.

Going forth; I think I'll mix a bit of the darker shades with the remaining light shades I also have...

RRP: £4 for 100ml

I bought mine from Amazon UK as nowhere stocks Renbow near me, it was £2.55 + £1.50. Amazon [and a dozen different third-party sellers on the site] stock all of the colours, including shades that are no longer in production, by Renbow. Some of the most popular shades are also sold in packs of three and four, for further savings.

Sites such as EbayBlue Banana and Crazy Color also sell it, as do many beauty supply stores and alternative fashion stores.

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