Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Speedy review; Taylor by Taylor Swift edp...

The tangerine is the strongest fruit note on me - well, I say strongest, but it is still pretty soft and doesn't leave me with a lasting impression. There is soft vanilla present through all of the fragrance too, which adds a creamy sweetness and warmth to the fragrance.

The floral notes used are powdery and give the perfume a vintage feel. The listed magnolia note is the strongest floral note, and I can also separate the peony and a soft rose note.

After another few hours the fragrance turns slightly creamier vanilla note develops fully. The combined powderiness of the floral notes remain and softly fade away with the airy wood and musk base notes.

Key scent notes: Lychee, tangerine, magnolia petals, peony, hydrangea, vanilla orchid, sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and soft woods.

Overall: TAYLOR is pleasant and easy to wear. I'll mainly stick to wearing it on casual days, but you could get away with wearing it to work if you wanted to. TAYLOR does go close to the skin fairly quickly, but a faint woody scent is still detectable six hours later.

I do prefer this to Taylor's Wonderstruck perfumes; the two Wonderstruck releases [Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted] are very unoriginal and both do smell 'young', but TAYLOR is ageless and has a bit more uniqueness about it.

I wouldn't say that I'm in love with this perfume, but if I saw it on offer I would consider buying it, as it is nice and is ideal for day-to-day wear.

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