Thursday, 1 August 2013

China Glaze Halloween 2013 collection: Monsters Ball...

[credit; Chic Profile]
After two months of almost daily internet searches, I've finally found swatch pics of China Glaze's Halloween 2013 collection; Monsters Ball.
When I found the above photo in June I was underwhelmed - China Glaze already have a range of texture polishes, 2010 and 2012 already saw purple, green and silver/orange glitters in their Halloween collections, and the Ghoulish Glow topcoat first popped up in 2011 I believe...
However yesterday I found a blog which has swatch pics [the collection is already on sale in Singapore - and I've been converted. The glitter polishes all have different densities to their past shade-a-likes so don't look samey, and the black texture in the collection has a wet-look finish, rather then the regular matt one. 

Howl You Doin'
Blurple, pink and orange glitter in a purple base.

Green, pink, blue and purple hex shaped glitter in a clear base.
Boo-gie Down
Black, white and bronze hex glitter in a clear base. Oh - there's black bar glitter in the mix too.
Bat My Eyes
Gold hex and bar glitter in a black jelly base.
Bump In The Night
Black texture polish, which dries with a wet-look shine.
Please click on the above credit link for clear photos and read the blogger's opinion on each polish.


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