Thursday, 1 August 2013

OPI Rock Goddess; Halloween 2013 set...

Yay; promo pics of OPI's Halloween 2013 Rock Goddess mini polish [1/8 oz each] collection have started turning up online, so without further ado lets get a closer look...

Yellowpalooza [yellow]
Stand in Lime for Days [lime green]
Rolling Bones [grey micro-glitter]
The Drummer is Hot [coral tinged orange]
FREE Skull Bracelet
Yellow, orange and green are my three least favourite nail polish colours, so I'm not wowed by this year's selection. The grey shade (maybe it's a liquid sand shade, not glitter?) appeals to me, but do I want to part with my money to own a lime and near copies of OPI's Halloween 2012 orange and yellow shades to get the one polish I want in the set?
No... Unless I come across this set in the future in TK Maxx at a low price. That's the only reason I own the OPI Halloween 2012 So So Skullicious set [orange, yellow, pink and black].
Yeah - green and orange are Halloween colours, but these particular hues are too bright for my tastes; the Rock Goddess collection looks like a summer holiday pedi range to me. It just doesn't excite me, and is not something I'd wear in autumn/winter [except the grey shade].
Overall: Rock Goddess gets a thumbs down from me. It look like the China Glaze Monsters Ball collection has won the Halloween range battle. Again.

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