Sunday, 2 September 2012

I'm ready for Halloween...

I bought my Yankee candles for this Halloween from Amazon in August, as the remaining stock is low and who can be sure that they'll be restocked? The boxes of tealights cost £6.25 each.

Lets compare the tealights to the rest of the Yankee range of candles and see how they do in comparison, in terms of RRP...

Wax tarts - 6 to 8 hours = £1.25
Votive samplers - 12 to 15 hours = £1.80
Tealights - 4 to 6 hours each [x12] = £6.75
Small jar candles - 25 to 40 hours = £8.39
Small tumbler - 35 to 45 hours = £9.95
Medium jar candle - 65 to 90 hours = £16.99
Medium tumbler - 45 to 50 hours = £15.49
Large jar candle - 110 to 150 hours = £19.99
Large tumbler - 70 to 90 hours = £19.15

So; for the price of a box of scented tealights you get a total of 48 to 72 hours burn-time, for less then the small jars and tumblers, and over half of the price less then the medium jars or tumbers.

Witches Brew
[Original review here]

"Patchouli is best described as smelling like damp soil, with a undertone that has a kind of organic spicy/sweetness to it. The spicy tang reminds me of cinnamon - perhaps there is some extra cinnamon added? I can't pinpoint the sweeter notes, but overall the results smell vaguely like cola to me.
These above notes combine to create a darker incense note, with the smokiness of burnt wood underneath everything else.

WITCHES BREW is a perfect fragrance for Halloween, as the perfume conjures up the image of a freshly dug grave, with the perfume from nearby funeral wreaths and smoke from bonfires lingering in the air."

Candy Corn
[Original review here]

"Scent-wise there's not really much to say. if you love benzoin, you'll want to eat this candle. All the classic benzoin hallmarks are here; vanilla, burnt sugar, slightly buttery notes, with a faint almond-cherry undertone.

There is extra vanilla in the fragrance, to mimic the marshmallow, and there is also a pinch of what I think is nutmeg, possibly cinnamon, underneath everything else to give everything a bit of a kick."

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