Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fragrance (sort of) review: Fame EDP by Lady Gaga...

I've not had my bottle of FAME long enough for a detailed review yet, but I do have a few initial observations and notes. I want to share these now as there are already tons of reviews online, which are just knee jerk reactions of people, who are basing them on whether they love or hate Lady Gaga herself, rather then actually describing the perfume in any detail...

First; I don't get why this is being described as a fruity/floral - on me there is only the tiniest hint of apricot, but it so very short lived that it doesn't really make an lasting impression on me. I think some people may be confusing the honey accord as apricot/peach, or similar. The belladonna, incense and honey are the main notes on me, so FAME is definitely something that I would describe as a floriental fragrance.

Second; I don't really get the whole push-pull malarkey, but the fragrance is not linear. It even seems a bit different every time I wear it, so a detailed review is going to take a little while to write.

Third; No FAME doesn't stain skin or clothes. I've even sprayed it directly onto my pyjamas, and the liquid does indeed spray clear, despite being black in the bottle.

Forth; FAME does go close to the skin after a couple of hours, but I catch lingering wisps throughout the day. When I wore it to bed, it was still detectable the next day.

I can't believe that FAME is a Coty release!!

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