Sunday, 26 August 2012

First impression: True Reflection EDP by Kim Kardashian...

I'll admit that TRUE REFLECTION is 'nice' and a huge step up from the other Kim Kardashian fragrance releases that I've tried...

[As always tends to be the case for me in perfume] the plum is the strongest fruit note on me and it is strong enough that it lingers throughout the entire 'life' of the perfume. There is the 'safe' perfume option of plenty of vanilla present through all of the fragrance too, to soften the mix with a creamy sweetness and warmth. The patchouli is quick to develop, and it prevents everything from becoming too sweet, though the vanilla does seem to prevent the note from developing fully.

The floral notes used for TRUE REFLECTION are disappointingly underdeveloped. Aside from coca and added vanilla aka 'chocolate orchard', none of them are strong enough to stand out individually from the plum, patchouli and the already existing vanilla. There is a powdery undertone that develops, that I usually pick up on in perfumes which contain heliotrope, so maybe theres some in here, or it could also just as likely be from the combination of the official scent notes.

There is no strong indication between the top, heart, or the base of the perfume. This is thanks to the constant trickle of plum, patchouli and vanilla, which is the strongest scent note by far on me. The woods and musk which develop after a hour or so, remain mingled closely together with everything else, so the perfume seems a bit too one dimensional.

Key Scent notes; Bergamot, plum, peach, gardenia, chocolate orchid, lotus flower, textured woods, patchouli and skin musk.

The four hour average staying power of TRUE REFLECTION isn't anything to get excited about. In fact, based on her previous releases [Kim Kardashian and Gold], it is pretty poor. It also goes close to the skin quickly, so it is a quiet perfume, despite the initial strength of some of the key scent notes.

As TRUE REFLECTION is mild and sweet it seems like a playful fragrance, so it is something that I think of as a perfume that is best for casual daytime wear. I personally think it's a bit too young for work, but as it close to the skin it is not a fragrance that will irritate colleagues, so I could wear it without offence if I wanted to. TRUE REFLECTION is not something that I've worn on nights out, as I do like my perfumes to be a bit more unique and longer lasting on special occasions. But if you don't wear perfume whilst out for a statement, then you could do worse.

Whilst it doesn't overpower me or give me headaches, I prefer wearing TRUE REFLECTION on cooler and rainy days. I'm going to save the rest of my vial for Autumn/winter, as sweeter perfumes are more appealing to me then. But overall it is suitable all year round, as it is nice and mild.

Overall; this is pleasant and easy to wear, but it isn't in the slightest bit original and the mildness of the different scent notes make it seem quite flat and one dimensional. Pair that with the so-so wear and you get another average, been-there-sniffed-that release, so I don't see myself buying a bottle of TRUE REFLECTION.

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