Monday, 1 November 2010

Review: Heartbreaker EDP by Jenna [Jameson]

By now I think we all know about my love for perfume - especially if that perfume is relatively unheard of and not commonly found on the high street. Therefore it's needless to explain why when I read that Jenna Jameson was releasing a perfume I immediately went cruising on Ebay for it. [If I'm being totally honest I'd admit that I actually admire Jenna - for overcoming huge obstacles in her early years - I'm not embarking on a new career :p].

Moving swiftly along to the perfume: It applies with raspberry champagne [a fancy way to describe grape notes]. I think of the mulled wine at Manchester's German market when I wear this; I find this quite hot, sweet and spicy. Maybe there's some cinnamon or perhaps saffron in the mix too? I also pick up a faint undercurrent of Turkish Delight, which must be the rose. Overall: The spiced fruits in the top notes remind me slightly of Hubba Bubba bubblegum.

The spicy accords carry though to the heart as the fruits dry down and mingles with the jasmine. I'm not normally too fond of artificial jasmine notes as it tends to be too sweet and strong, and when a perfume has a sweet opening the jasmine can become a sickly jumble... But the gently tart magnolia notes in here seem to tone the strength and sweetness of the spices and jasmine down.

I adore perfumes that use nutty tonka beans and creamy sandalwood in the base, so needless to say I love the gentle, cocooning warmth the fragrance gently fades down with. The vanilla [which is basically what amber is - in perfumes terms anyway] helps to stretch out the lasting power of this base, and emphasize the tonka.

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Scent notes
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Rose petals, raspberry champagne, jasmine, magnolia, sandalwood, tonka beans and amber.

I'll apply HEARTBREAKER in the morning and I find that I can often catch a lingering scent of it at the end of the day when I change out of my clothes, so the lasting power is very good. I stop being able to detect in in five to six hours. While HEARTBREAKER is suitable to wear all year round, I'll wear it mainly during autumn/winter as it has a warming effect on me. Plus; the spicy heat is decidedly festive.

When to wear it? It's a nice, cheery fragrance to wear on weekends and I also happily wear mine to work. I've found that the spice and magnolia tone the sweetness in the fragrance down enough that it won't carry far and irritate colleagues [Trust me; if they didn't like it they'd happily tell me so]. And spice, jasmine and tonka makes for a great evening fragrance too, so this perfume is a good all-rounder in that respect.

I've now finished my 50ml bottle and still enjoy it enough to invest in a 100ml bottle; It's everything that I want out of my fragrances; It's sweet, spicy, the florals are soft, the base is creamy and the lasting power is great.

I know that some people will be put off by Jenna's name on the bottle, but remember that it is just a name. She didn't actually have anything to do with the perfume's creation. HEARTBREAKER is surprisingly soft and sensual compared to what a lot of people would expect. No; you won't burst into flames if you wear it and people won't think you smell like a hooker.

I actually think that this is a heck of a lot better then many other fragrances on the market today and would get a kick out of seeing it displayed next to the Dior when out buying toothpaste. I doubt that will happen, but I urge everyone who reads this not to prejudge it and maybe consider giving it a go.

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Funnily enough you won't find this in Boots or Debenhams, so you'll have to order it unsniffed from over the Internet, which is a gamble, but as long as you know that you like the listed notes in other perfumes you should be fine.

Check out the fragrance's offical site here.

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