Monday, 22 November 2010

Review: By Night EDT by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera BY NIGHT is a flanker to her first Proctor and Gamble fragrance Christina Aguilera. It follows the same fruity/floral blueprint, but the stronger vanilla and almond notes give the fragrance a creamy, oriental feel.

BY NIGHT is a mild, non-cloying, sweet fragrance; but the sweetness is made more adult and sexier by being close to the skin; it whispers 'come closer'

Scent notes: Mandarin, freesia apple, almonds, rhubarb, pineapple, heliotrope, peach blossom, amber and vanilla.

The staying power is very poor; It goes close to the skin after an hour and burns out within three hours.

It is easy to wear and inoffensive to my work colleagues, so it is a good choice for an every day perfume as long as you don't mind constantly 'freshening up'. I don't think it is a good choice for nights out; It's 'quiet' and you'd need to carry a bottle round for re-freshening it. As well as being easy to wear, it can also be worn all year round; The fruits and mild florals are perfect for the summer, whilst everything is [non-cloyingly] sweet, which provides comfort in colder weather.

Much better than her first Christina Aguilera, but it can’t be described as original; it reminds me of a few other fragrances, including Hypnotic Poison. But CHRISTINA AGUILERA BY NIGHT is less expensive than most of its scent-a-likes, so it’s worth trying out. As it's already similar to perfumes I already own, I won't buy it myself, although it's nice enough that I would wear it if it were given to me as a gift.

I think that it would be a safe gift choice for someone, as the fragrance is largely ageless and is easy to wear and none of the notes are strong enough to be disagreeable.

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