Saturday, 6 November 2010

First Impressions: LA Glow EDT by Jennifer Lopez

Ah: Who hasn't heard of the best selling Glow range of perfumes that are released under the Jennifer Lopez brand? There's [deep breath] Glow, Miami Glow, Love At First Glow, Glow After Dark, Sunkissed Glow, My Glow, Blue Glow and now they've just released LA GLOW... 

LA GLOW is rich with plum notes on first application, so if you don't like plum you can skip this fragrance. After a few minutes the blackberry and cherry develops, and mingles with the plum; however the plum is still the key note. I love perfumes which contain cherry so I was a bit disappointed to find that the cherry is the weakest note on me.
What really separates this edition from the earlier ones in the Glow line is that the floral notes are more fully developed and aren't 'powdery' or plastic. On me the jasmine is definitely the strongest note, followed by the peony. I couldn't separate the magnolia though. In addition to the florals there is also some lingering plum, as well as a hint of the coconut milk ['tropical cream] seeping up from the base.

As the florals burn down the coconut milk accord fully develops and becomes richer, sweeter and creamier thanks to the amber. I can detect the lightest hint of musk, but it's quickly lost underneath the creaminess.

Scent notes; Cherry, plum, blackberry, jasmine, peony, magnolia, musk, amber and tropical cream.

As this is an EDT I didn't expect miracles and I was right not to: I can still detect creamy vanilla three to four hours after first applying it, but it's only a hint and is very close to the skin - It goes close to the skin as a whole in little over two hours. As this is light, sweet and juicy it seems like a playful fragrance. I think that this is nice for daywear - both 'me' time and work. Some people may think that it's too sweet for work, but as it's quiet it won't bother over people, so I don't see why you shouldn't wear it if you like it. However I do think it's too 'gentle' for evening wear, or any other time that you do want to be noticed.

When I first heard about this being a edt edition, I thought that it wouldn't appeal to me in this weather - I mean fruits and coconuts in autumn/winter? But the plums make the fragrance is rich and dark, which paired with the creamy base makes for the perfect autumn/winter fragrance. It'll be interesting to see how this wears during spring/summer - The base may be too heavy, but as the EDT is so light it could still be very wearable.

I do still really like the original Glow, but the increasing number of flankers became too similar to each other and the line began to bore me. She has won me [and my purse] back again. LA GLOW bares no resemblance to either the original or the earlier flankers; The florals are fuller and more natural and the fruits are juicy and lifelike. A definite step up from earlier Glow flankers, although I'm not sure why they didn't just release it as a new fragrance rather than just attaching the Glow name to it.

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