Monday, 25 October 2010

Review: Zombie Strippers [DVD]


In the not too distant future the government is hard at work in a Nebraskan facility, trying to create a zirus to re-animate corpses, to try to build an army of zombie soldiers. You see George Bush has been just elected as President for the fourth time [his vice president is Arnold Schwarzenegger] so the USA is at war with most of the world, leading to a shortage of soldiers.

But this experiment naturally goes wrong, so it's up to the Z squad to come in and tidy up the mess in the facility. One of the squad members is bitten by a zombie during the clear up, but rather then fess up and wait around for his colleages to kill him, he escapes and  hides out at illegal strip club Rhino.

The dying soldier then infects the star stripper Kat (Jenna Jameson) meaning she too becomes a zombie. So club owner Ian (Robert Englund) does what anyone would do in this situation - keeps the club open and if customers should be infected he just locks them in the basement.

The film really gets going as the other strippers slowly get ideas as they see how much money zombified Kat is raking in as the elite Z squad hunt down their missing member...

OK: Who sees a film with Jenna Jameson on the cover with the tag line "They'll swallow your soul, anything else will cost you" and expects an Oscar worthy feature? [You'd be forgiven for expecting a porno]. The acting and gore is all completely over-the-top, the characters are cliches [My favourites being the bitch, the goth, the airhead and the good girl who is only stripping to pay for her sick mother's medical treatment], and when the pace slows down they solve it by having topless women dancing with a strippers pole.

But, hey: This is fun. Tasteless and shameless fun. It's played for laughs, not for horror and it is very good for what it is. The only way to be disappointed here is by taking it as a serious horror film.
Just sit back, pour a drink, grab a takeout menu and pop this into your DVD player.

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Special features
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Optional commentary
Deleted scenes:
Meet the Z sqaud
Meet the strippers
Sox's dance, Cole's rescue
Kat feeds
Gaia's dance
Ian gets head
"In the old country..."
Alternate Lilith's speech
Lilith feeds
Berenge's nightmare
Jessy and Davis stalked
Prepare for battle
Farewell, Paco
Blavatski & Cole: A zombie tragedy part I
Gaia feeds
Blavatski & Cole: A zombie tragedy part II
Jessy's love for life
Behind the scenes featurettes:
The champagne room: Behind the scenes of Zombie Strippers [8 minutes]
The dressing room: How to glam a zombie [5 minutes]

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The cast
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Jenna Jameson ... Kat
Robert Englund ... Ian
Roxy Saint ... Lilith
Penny Drake ... Sox
Whitney Anderson ... Gaia
Jennifer Holland ... Jessy

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Product details
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Format: Anamorphic, Dubbed, PAL
Subtitles: Icelandic, Finnish, Romanian, Danish, Hebrew, Greek, Hindi, Czech, Norwegian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, English, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Polish
Region: Region 2
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 2.35:1
Classification: 18
Run Time: 90 minutes

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RRP: £19.99

Most high street shops and online sites sell ZOMBIE STRIPPERS for under a fiver now.
Amazon stock it for £3.59.

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