Friday, 20 May 2016

The Bargain Hunter: The £1.21 liquid lipstick...

Who likes liquid colour for lips? Who likes the look of matte lips? Who likes bargains? Who wants all three combined?

say no more - lets jump right into my experience with one of the liquid lipsticks, that are sold by Amazon's many Asian cosmetic selling third-party sellers...

I have one of the liquid lipstick's in shade #30, which is a neutral brown based nude, that reminds me of my old Kat Von D lipstick in the shade Cathedral [the Kat Von D line of lipsticks was reformulated last year, and the new one is slightly different].  
As the lipstick is a liquid that dries to a matte finish, it is much more easy to distribute onto my lips evenly then a traditional matte lipstick. As well as being easy to apply, another plus side to this particular liquid lipstick is that the formula has great pigmentation and once it's on your lips it won't smudge or bleed, and despite feeling a bit dry as the day goes on, it hasn't had a drying effect on my lips. The lasting power; about 6 hours, depending on food/drink.

There are 36 different shades available, for only £1.21 [free postage] a piece. Order your liquid lipstick from a third-party seller on Amazon here.Postage is free, and the parcel took two weeks to arrive.

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