Wednesday, 11 May 2016

First immpressions: Ari edp by Ariana Grande...

Ari is a perfume that I've been testing on and off for a few months now; my sister, who normally 'needs' her perfume bottles to have designer names on, has been wearing it every time I see her lately and it smells amazing on her. Therefore I reasoned that if my sister can pull it off, then so can I. Right???

Has my repeated testing won me over, and persuaded me to hand over my cash for a bottle to brighten up my dresser?

Ari is a decent enough every day fragrance as in there's nothing in it that I find disagreeable scent-wise, but I just don't think that there's anything in it that makes this fragrance stand out from the sea of other fruity/floral gourmands that are on the market: on me Ari is more fruity then floral, with sweet citrus, watery pear & red berries, quiet powdered underdeveloped floral notes that could really be anything, and musk-infused sugary vanilla. This mix is very linear on me, as the sugary vanilla is by far the strongest scent note, and it blends everything else too closely together for me to differentiate between very well.

The sillage and longevity are so-so; nothing great at 5 to 6 hours, but there are plenty of worse offenders out there. As far as I'm concerned it is the bottle for Ari that is the most impressive and unique feature about the perfume.

Official scent notes; Grapefruit, pear, raspberry, lily, rose, vanilla orchid, musk, marshmallow, wood accords.

Ari is like walking past the Boots perfume cabinets or through a department store's beauty hall, as it smells like so many other things that have been widely available on the fragrance market. I kept trying it in case it magically changed on me [it smells very different on my sister - it has clean florals and has a woody undertone on her, both of which are missing on me], but I've given up on it. Not a bad fragrance, but there's nothing in that calls to me. I'd best describe Ari as being one of those fragrances which you wouldn't spend money on, but would wear happily enough if you got it as a gift.

So it's a no from me, as my body chemistry isn't too fond on it - though there's certainly no harm in giving it a try, as Ari can be amazing depending on individual body chemistry.

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