Thursday, 26 May 2016

Are they dupes? OPI Absolutely Alice vs Nicole by OPI Kendall On The Katwalk...

I recently got two of the polishes that are considered as two of the bigger OPI must-haves for polish collectors; I found Absolutely Alice and Mad As A Hatter [The 2010 Alice In Wonderland collection] together on an eBay buy-it-now for £20. 

This post isn't me showing off (well, not totally about me showing off); I'm writing it because when I got my eBay winnings in my hand, I realized that I already had a similar-looking polish to Absolutely Alice, which has sat in my untried collection of polishes for the past several years. Well I think that it's high time to take my Absolutely Alice lookalike [Nicole by OPI Kendall On The Katwalk] out of my untried pile, and now that I have the original for comparison, see just how much of a lookalike it really is...

Absolutely Alice has scattered gold microglitters mixed into the formula, whereas the scattered ones in Kendall On The Katwalk may look goldish at a casual glance, but are actually green [there are also some purple ones scattered throughout the formula too]. However I still think these two polishes are largely the same in appearance as they both have the exact same shade and size blue microglitter in them, that makes up the majority of their formula.

Once applied I could clearly see that Absolutely Alice has a clear base, while the one in Kendall On The Katwalk is tinted the same shade of blue that the glitter is. Even though Absolutely Alice has the clear base, it has much more glitter packed into the formula, so reaches full opaqueness in just two coats. As the coverage for Kendall On The Katwalk partly depend on it's sheer base, I needed three coats. Still pretty good.

Both polishes apply smoothly, dry fast, and wear well - they even survived hair washing, which normally means instant death to my mani. There was only a bit of tip wear after several days, which is really good for me.

I personally think that Kendall On The Katwalk has the more appealing colour combo in it - and it can be still be found easier (and for much cheaper) in comparison to Absolutely Alice. But I think Absolutely Alice has the slightly better formula, even though the one for Kendall On The Katwalk is really good too.  
 But overall, yeah; whilst the two shades are not total dupes, they are very similar, so buying Kendall On The Katwalk should help to ease the lemming for Absolutely Alice if you want it, but can't find it or would have to pay stupid amounts of money for a bottle. However if you come across a bottle of Absolutely Alice for a more reasonable price (around £20 max?), then I do recommend buying it, as the excellent formula is worth the splurge. 
You can pick up Kendall On The Katwalk from eBay today for only £3.99.
There are several other eBay stores that sell this polish for under £5, so there's plenty of options.

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