Wednesday, 11 May 2016

First look: Seas And Greetings Holiday 2016 by China Glaze...

"China Glaze are stepping away from the winter shades & instead are taking you on a tropical escape with this years winter collection full of sun & colour tones. The relaxed feel of the beach with the classic holiday joy has this winter warming up. A colour palette of glitters faded oceans & sea shells with a holiday coastal collaboration."

I've not had much time to play around with my Lite Brite polishes yet, but it's already time to get a look at the Christmas 2 016 collection by China Glaze... and boy, is it a good one. American company R&B Nail Supply have a pre-order for the collection going for their customers, which means they have display photos and a swatch wheel up so customers can see what they're paying for.

Whilst us overseas customers can't take part in the pre-order event, we can get a gander on what will be coming to UK sites later this year...
Oh boy. Take my money.

I always look forward to China Glaze's Christmas collections, as for the past few years they've done more then the usual red, green and silver.

Don't get me wrong, I love some seasonal shades to get into the spirit of things, but every brand brings out those kinds of 'safer' Christmassy shades too, so hats off to China Glaze for being a bit different and providing a wider variety then most other mainstream brands.

There's not much else I can add yet, until Youtubers and bloggers begin to receive the polishes, so that we can get a better look at whats on offer. But I'm excited as every shade on the swatch wheel looks like colours I'd get plenty of wear out off. 

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