Wednesday, 28 January 2015

NOTD: Lux [PixieDust] by Zoya...

my full-sized Zoya bottle is in the shade Autumn

Today's polish choice is special to me because (A) my mini bottle [7ml] was a gift from an American friend, (B) it is my first Zoya PixieDust, (C) it is a Magical PixieDust, and (D) I don't own many Zoya's as UK stores don't stock the brand. Zoya's web store doesn't ship to the UK either, so I was reluctant to spend as much money as my proven-to-be-worth-the-money-for-me OPI polishes on them from UK sites as I didn't know if they would work for me.

Zoya discontinued their PixieDust and Magical PixieDust polishes at the end of 2014, but there is remaining stock on Nail Polish Direct for only £7.95 [UK RRP is £10.50].

Did the PixieDust live up to the hype for me?

Lux has a pale pink base, that is full of iridescent particles. Lux is a Magical PixieDust, so the formula also contains larger holographic glitter hexes. It takes two coats be be opaque, and dries extremely quickly.

The Zoya PixieDust finish is the same as the OPI 'liquid sand' range of polishes; it is a matte, gritty textured polish. It is hardwearing and is made to be worn without a topcoat, but as there are glitter particles in the polish it looks good with topcoat too if you don't like textured and/or matte polishes. I prefer the matte look of this polish and don't bother with topcoat, so I do find it will chip faster then regular creme or shimmer polishes, but as it has a textured finish touch ups are easy to do and are virtually unidentifiable.

I do love this polish and am pleased to own it, and if I see other shades of the Magical PixieDust that I think are pretty I wouldn't mind spending the money, as the quality is very good.But I don't think they'd be worth buying just for the sake of saying that you own a PixieDust; like I mentioned above, OPI's Liquid Sand is basically the same thing, only easier to find over here, and slightly cheaper too. In fact if there is a TK Maxx near you, you can buy two bottles of the OPI version for the same price as the RRP on a single bottle of the Zoya one and still have change...

Mowgli; my co-model for the day...

If Nail Polish Direct run out of stock, you can also buy Lux on Amazon for £10.46. There are also loads of buy-it-now options on eBay for various Zoya polishes.

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