Monday, 2 February 2015

Truly outrageous: Pinkissimo semi-permanent hair dye by Renbow...

Crazy Color semi permanent hair dye in Pinkissimo is a ready-mixed vegetable dye, that 
Renbow says lasts between 4 to 8 washes, and for the low price [RRP £4 per 100ml pre-mixed bottle] I thought that you can't really complain with that.
Lets take a look back at my recent flirtation with this Jem-style pink hair dye shade, withphotos of how well the colour holds up...
My hair is really thick so 15 minutes developing time (the guide on the bottle) is totally wrong for me; I left the dye on my wet [but not shampooed] hair for an hour to let it 
really sink in [it's vegetable dye so you won't damage your hair], and I then rinsed my 
hair until the water ran clear, but didn't use shampoo, conditioner, or any other products on my hair for two washes after the first rinse.
My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and is thick/coarse, and I use 1 1/2 bottles per full-head application.
(In my photos there are a few spots that are lavender toned:  this is because 
some old blue dye was stubbornly 
left clinging to my hair, despite the two lots of the strongest-Boots-had hair lightener I used to try and get rid of it. The colour mismatch was not caused by the Pinkissimo hair dye.) 

[freshly applied (top) & 1 wash (bottom)]

[4 washes] 

[7 washes]

It just about made it to eight washes before fading badly enough to need recolouring (a pastel shade with a few blonde hairs peeking through). If you are less lazy then me I’d give Pinkissimo 5-6 washes before the brightness of the shade fades - I can’t really moan as it all fits into the bottle’s guideline.

Pinkissimo comes out a touch lighter than the swatch on my bleached blonde hair and fades evenly for most of it’s ‘life’. I would consider using this shade again as Pinkissimo does have a electric, almost luminous, undertone to it for a while, which Cyclamen lacks. 
Pinkissimo is a nice fun shade but isn't made to be long lasting, so whilst nice, isn't something that I consider to be a must-try and I'd personally reccomend Cyclamon (I've reused this shade many times now) over this shade.

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