Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A sun-kissed glow for ghosts...

So it's (finally) summer and I want some colour, but as I have the same skintone as Casper bronzer tends to look muddy and fake tan? No. I've had some horrible experiences and don't care for a repeat. 
After many, many years I've found the perfect bronzer for us paler ladies; TooFaced's Peach Leopard bronzer. I'm a big fan of TooFaced's Pink Leopard brightening highlighter and when the brand released the peach version I was keen to get my hands on it..

TooFaced PEACH LEOPARD powder bronzer compact consists of a mixture of a matte soft bronze, tawny peach and a slightly shimmering deep champagne highlight shade. You sweep your brush over all three shades at once for a glowy peach three-in-one soft bronze/blush/highlight.

The peach/light gold glow shade is subtle - which is perfect for my n10 skintone, as most bronzers just turn out orange on me. I've tried taking photos, but the shade is so soft and doesn't photograpgh well, but you can clearly see the highlighting glow on the above pic. PEACH LEOPARD can be worn all year round, but I mainly use it in summer.

The pigmentation is great, the formula contains very subtle shimmer and it lasts all day on me. I have no complaints about this bronzer and even though I still think Pink Leopard is better overall as I wear that all year round, but I will still probably re-buy PEACH LEOPARD if/when I need to for a spring/summer glow.

My only complaint with this is that it is a bit pricey [£24], but as it can be worn every other day, all-year-round I think it is worth it. The glowy peach/bronze colour doesn't look unnatural or give me an orange or 'dirty' look which just about every other bronzer does to my very fair skin.

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