Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Review: Kim Kardashian EDP by Kim Kardashian

Before I even start my review; I want to point out that no,  I don't have anything against Kim Kardashian herself. If you don't like this fragrance why are you instantly labelled as a bitchy, jealous 'hater'?

Now that I've got my whine out of my system, lets begin today's review...

If you don't like white florals in your perfumes you can give KIM KARDASHIAN a miss; It is basically a floral jumble and the only individual notes that stand out are the gardenia and tuberose, and that is it. The florals are so powerful that they slap me in the face and hide almost everything else.

The fragrance is one dimensional and boring, with very little difference between the top, heart and base; There was a short lived burst of lemon in the opening, then the jumble becomes heavier and sweeter and then the musk used in the base develops and joins in the mess [I'm not a fan of musk so I could do without it].

It wears well because it is a strong, statement perfume. I've only worn it on weekends and I don't think it 'fits' in with dressing down, shopping, cinemas and relaxing. Nor would I wear it to work - I don't think that my colleagues would appreciate me wearing something so 'in your face' with a migraine-inducing strength to it. This is something that I'd class as a red carpet scent; It's only something I'd wear when I wanted all eyes on me.

The fruit is almost non-existent and I can't detect any of the spice notes, so there's nothing to point to warm or cold weather wear. The only time I'd say that this wouldn't be a good idea is on very hot days; It'd be too heavy.

Scent notes: Mandarin, lemon, honeysuckle, orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose, gardenia, spices, Tonka, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, musk and creamy sandalwood.

Sorry to the Kim K lovers out there but I think that this is a huge fail. I'm sure that there are loads of people that can pull of the big floral notes in this perfume; But on me it's just a total miss-match...

I assume they were going for old Hollywood glamour with the big white floral notes, but they went way too far with them - I personally can't see anything glamorous, sexy or feminine about this fragrance, it seems screamingly, in-your-face loud, so - dare I say it? - it comes off as rather cheap and tacky. This is the first perfume I've tried in a while that I've wanted to wash off. Unfortunately the staying power is good as the floral jumble is headache-inducing strong. I want to be a bit positive, so I'll point out that the bottle is striking.  

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