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Review: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer [DVD]


Julie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) is now a nervous wreck who has constant nightmares, sees the fisherman in every corner and keeps a carving knife in her bedside drawer, so when new best buddie Karla (Brandy) wins a holiday for four to the Bahamas, Karla thinks it a sign for Julie to move on and have fun.

As well as Julie, Karla's boyfriend Tyrell is also going. As she's won four tickets they also invite Ray, who doesn't commit to going. Ray never gets back to them, so Karla invites their other friend Will, who she hopes will get together with Julie. Off goes our party of four, to sun, sea and aventure...

Once they arrive in the Bahamas they realise it's storm season in the resort, so it is handily empty, save for some stock secondary characters. Being storm season, they are soon left stranded after a hurricane warning.

The fisherman then shows himself and starts slicing & dicing. Blah, blah, blah.

The sequel is nowhere near the same level as the original. Also the style is different. I KNOW was a clever build-up of tension. I STILL KNOW is all about needless gore, bikinis, tight clothes and cheap scare tactics.

Plus; The acting levels has gone downhill; Jennifer doesn't even seem to be trying, it's like she is aware that this sucks. Freddie hardly gets screen time - the producers know how wooden he is. Brandy is so-so at best. Mekhi play's a walking cliche, so I don't bother getting to know his character. It's secondary cast member Jennifer Esposito who I think delivers the best proformance here, everyone else is just collecting pay cheques...

The characters all annoy me; I honestly wanted them all to die. Not that I couldn't tell who would and who wouldn't. The first film's 'dead cast walking' was just as easy to pick out; But I did care about the characters then.

Despite everything, this still could have been a guilty pleasure and an enjoyable way to pass the time... Until I started to think, at which point it all fell apart.

Why did the fisherman go to great lengths to trap Julie on a resort in the Bahamas in the first place? Was he so keen to see her chest in a series of tight, low cut tops and bikinis? He has always known her whereabouts so if he has that obsessed with revenge he could have finished her off at any point within the two year time period of the films.

Do top resorts still take in travellers in hurricane season? I don't know, but it'd make sense not to, right? The killer is human so why is he suddenly so hard to kill? And is his increase in strength supposed to be believable?

Why did I buy the DVD of this?

I'll be fair and say that I wasn't bored by I STILL KNOW, some of the jumps did get me and when the action started I was drawn in to the drama. The film was OK, but it's a let down after seeing what was done first.

The thriller versus the slasher. There is a huge difference. Judge for yourself.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt ... Julie James
Freddie Prinze Jr. ... Ray Bronson
Brandy Norwood ... Karla Wilson
Mekhi Phifer ... Tyrell
Muse Watson ... Ben Willis 
Matthew Settle ...  Will
Jennifer Esposito ... Nancy

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[Region 2 DVD release]

Cert: 18
Format: PAL
Language: English


DVD Extras
Theatrical trailer
Making of Featurette
Jennifer Love Hewitt - How Do I Deal music video [Yep. She was a pop star before acting took over. Four albums and everything. Big in Japan. Apparently.]

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