Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Spotlight: Project D EDP by Dannii and Tabitha

Project D EDP received an early launch and went on sale exclusively in Harvey Nichols yesterday.

EDP [50ml]

This enchanting scent has been inspired by the marriage of two very distinct styles - glamour and rock 'n' roll. It is a timeless and stylish addition to the fashion line and each note of the fragrance has been carefully selected to ensure each woman feels utterly glamorous, wherever she may be. The natural top accord incorporates inspiration from neroli, bergamot and ylang ylang gliding through a sense of intrigue and mystery into the whirl wind heart accord of tuberose, Japanese osmanthus, mimosa and purple orchid; whilst the dry down of creamy sandalwood, saffron, skin musks and hot amber oils ignites the senses.

Purse sprays [set of three: 10ml each]
Can be worn individually or layered together.

Bergamot, geranium, neroli and ylang ylang.
Tuberose, daisy, Japanese osmanthus and mimosa.
Sandalwood, skin musks and hot amber oils.

The closest branch of Harvey Nichols to me is in Manchester and I don't plan on travelling into Manchester in the immediate future, so haven't had the change to test it yet.

I have been looking forward to it's release and the Harvey Nichols website stocks the EDP edition, so I am very tempted to buy it blind, so to speak because I'm very confident that I'll like it based on the listed scent notes. Then again, if I wait to visit the Manchester branch I'll hopefully be able to pick up the purse spray set too - layering them with the EDP to create my own unique signature fragrance is very appealing to me.

                                          [Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset-Webb]

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