Friday, 17 September 2010

Review: Rimmel 60 Second nail polish

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The claim
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Rimmel say that the new fast-drying formula and updated brush design takes just one stroke to apply, one minute to dry and only needs one coat.

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The formula
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As the polish is meant to need only one coat for a bottle true colour, the formula is thick and not very funny, so can take a little time getting used to. The formula still applies smoothly once you've become used to it and it has never bubbled on me though, which is good.
One of my shades [Twinkle] contains micro particles of glitter, yet still applies smoothly and without clumps.

The polish becomes does indeed become touch-dry within one minute - although I find that often need to apply a second coat as the first can dry unevenly and leave visible brush stoke impressions.
A second coat can take a little longer to dry; around three minutes, so I recommend waiting ten minutes after applying top coat before using your hands if you apply a second coat as the polish layers can remain a little soft.

Last week I was looking for one of these polishes at the bottom of my make-up bag and when I found the bottle in question I instantly saw that the polish had glopped up and now had the texture of treacle, whilst I have bottles of polish that are roughly five years old, but still look new.
The bottle was less then a year old [about nine months old] and was fastened tightly. You could use a thinner to get more use out of the polish in theory, but I just threw it out as it's under £4, so not worth spending more money on buying thinner over.

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The brush
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Rimmel changed the width of their nail polish brushes a year or so ago; It's now has nice and wide bristles so the nail is evenly coated within two strokes.
Rimmel claim that it only takes one stroke, but I find that I need two the majority of the time. It is still fast and smooth, so I don't mind.

None of my brushes have ever had any bristles fall out, which has been a problem when I've used other drugstore brands.

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Lasting power
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Using my usual base and top coats this polish will last me around two days before chipping. Not one of the longest lasting polishes, however, considering the low price I can't complain.

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Rimmel's 60 SECOND NAIL POLISH range of polishes come in a range of creme, metallic and shimmer finishes - not to mention a wide range of colours - so there really is something for everyone.

Most seasons some limited edition colours are also added for those dedicated to fashion, all for under £4. For that price I'll be trying more Rimmel polishes in the future; despite the results being varied and the product having a short shelf life.

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£3.49 [8 ml]

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