Friday, 6 July 2018

A closer look at... The Cover Shot eyeshadow palette in Petal Metal, by Smashbox + Vlada.

The new Smashbox collaboration with one of their creative editors - Vlada Haggerty [Vladamua] - is out in Boots now. I had thought that this collection was going to be a US-only collection, so was excited to come across it in Boots and had to snap up a few pieces quick.

The Boots store that I went to last weekend had put the products in the Petal Metal collection out a few days early, so I've had some extra time to wear and test every single shade in this eyeshadow palette [in 28 degree weather &  no primer], and now I feel ready to share my opinions on it...

This purse-sized, pigment-powered eye shadow palette features a wearable rainbow of rose gold. Each petal-soft pigment glides on in one swipe and beautifully blooms on lids to create effortless matte day looks and sultry metallic evening looks! - Smashbox site


[l-r, top to bottom] I've not done a shade by shade breakdown this time, as most of the time I'd be saying the same kind of thing. To simplify; The two base shades are iridescent and sheer [though they can be built up], the two mattes are basic crease & transition neutrals and the four metallic shades are varying tones of rose gold.

The shades arranged into a quad on the left-hand side of the palette are all more toned-down warm tones, and the colour combo on the right side is made up of smoky cool tones.

Petal Metal is a great cleansing palette to have for when I've been wearing a lot of bolder eyeshadows and have become a bit bored with it, when I feel like wearing a bold lipcolour, just want a soft and traditionally 'pretty' look, or for when I simply can't be bothered to spend the extra time to work at applying more colourful shades.

There's nothing new in the colour-story for this palette colour-wise and only two matte shades in it, so I was never that interested in the online photos that have been going around for it the past few months. However when I saw it in store and picked it up to swatch whilst waiting for someone and... Into my basket one went - the feel of the powders are the smoothest I've come across in a long while and the metallic shades have an awesome wet-look sheen.

I fully recommend the Petal Metal palette to people if you like what you see, as the formulas are insanely good; all the swatch photos and the demo looks were done with one dip into the shade pans, and the powders feel silky smooth & molten as they are so finely milled. They have next to no fall-out and wear all day, with no creasing or colour fading [with using eyeshadow primer or concealer as a base.

This was my first Cover Shot palette and now I need to check out more of Smashbox's eyeshadows...

All of Smashbox's 8-pan Cover Shot eyeshadow palettes are £26.
The Boots site stocks the collection [it's also stocked in larger stores], and the Smashbox (UK) site also stocks it.

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